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Hertfordshire Display plc is a versatile printing and stationery company specialising in the production of orders for a wide and varied range of customers in a busy High Street location.

The Company was established in Ware in 1972 and moved to this site in 1978. We employ 30 personnel on a single site of 2 acres dealing with general stationery and printing orders for individuals, small and large businesses, clubs, charities, training organisations and learned societies.

The Company enjoys an excellent reputation and the desire to remain focused on customers needs in an ever changing environment leads us to continually seek improvements to ensure that our products and services consistently meet customers requirements, if not exceed them.

Our Accreditations

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Our environmental management system is designed to monitor the business activities of the printing operation and associated activities to ensure compliance with current legislation and also against our defined environmental improvement objectives to further reduce any effect on the environment.


We strive to continually improve our products and services as our customers’ needs and expectations change with time. Our quality management system is designed to control our processes and provide confidence to directors, staff and customers that we can deliver a consistently high level of customer satisfaction.


Our information management system has been implemented to assure existing and potential customers that we have the capability and capacity to ensure that all information, systems and infrastructure are appropriately protected and secure.


This Company’s policy towards disability is to be pro-active in supporting existing and potential customers, employees, suppliers and other interested parties. This can include acts of positive discrimination to ensure that there is equality for physical access to the site, employment and the provision of services and products to customers. All staff have received awareness training and are able to assist disabled co-workers and customers where required.

Xerox Premier Partners

Being one of the 730 members of this B2B community in 48 countries worldwide allows us to share information on industry trends and advancements in technology. We network with partners (primarily in Europe) and can call upon the expertise of other members worldwide if required. As partners we are able to accelerate delivery by producing ‘print on demand’ print jobs near to point of need.

Woodland Carbon Scheme

To help mitigate some of our carbon footprint we have joined up with Premier Paper who participate in the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon* scheme. The CO² generated in the production and delivery of the paper we purchase is calculated and an amount is paid to the Woodland Trust who plant new trees at accredited woodland creation sites here in the UK. This helps to support Woodland Trust projects that improve biodiversity and help the landscape adapt to to climate change.

* Woodland Carbon is an accredited, award winning carbon removal scheme that is operated under the Government's 2011 Woodland Carbon Code.